Richard Brice

"Optimizing brain function is the key to your health, fitness and performance goals!"

Hey I’m Richard Brice, I specialize in helping people do what they love without pain and at the highest level possible. I count myself as very lucky because my work is also my passion!

I’ve trained professional athletes in several different sports as well as many young athletes who have gone on to achieve scholarships. But most of my clients are regular people who just want to get better at what they love without getting hurt. And people who want to get in shape to be the happiest healthiest version of themselves.

My professional life is heavily shaped by my personal struggles.

Growing up in England I was a high level athlete who spent more time on the sidelines that on the field. Injuries and pain played a big part of my childhood and affected me in more ways than I want to admit.

This is the reason I'm so passionate about training young athletes. Most of my injuries could have been avoided with the right training. So I love having the opportunity to help kids achieve their dreams.

Injuries weren’t my only problem though. When I was 22 I became ill, which left me with chronic fatigue and a host of other problems.

Through my whole childhood all I wanted to be able to do was play sport without getting injured. And through my adult life I just wanted to have the energy to make it through a day at work.

This is why I’ve literally dedicated my life to learning everything I could about the human body. You’ll see from my professional certifications below that I’ve been trained by worlds leading experts in a number of different health fields from strength coaching and stretch therapy, through to functional medicine and applied neurology.

This unique knowledge base allows me to analyze at your body from a truly holistic perspective and identify the fastest most effective way for you to achieve your goals.

I’m happy to say that after a 12 year struggle I learned how to overcome all my chronic health issues. Better still,  I’m at the point where I can play whatever sport without pain for the first time in my life.

Now that I’m pain free, I am trying to play tennis at the highest possible level I can. I managed to win the over 35's provincial championships a couple of years back, but my goal is be be back competing with the young guns in the open 🙂

If you or your child have a health or performance goal you would like to achieve, I’d be happy to sit down and discuss the possibility of working together call me on 778-891-5024 or click the button below.

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My professional certifications are below:

  • BSc (Hons) Science and Football – Liverpool John Moores University
  • Z Health Essentials of elite performance (Dr Eric Cobb)
  • Z Health R-Phase (Dr Eric Cobb)
  • Z Health I-Phase (Dr Eric Cobb)
  • Z Health S-Phase (Dr Eric Cobb)
  • Z Health T-Phase (Dr Eric Cobb)
  • Z Health Structure (Dr Eric Cobb)
  • Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) Mobility Specialist (Dr Andreo Spina)
  • Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) – (Joe Defranco)
  • PICP level 1 strength coach (Charles Poliquin)
  • PICP level strength coach (Charles Poliquin)
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) level 1 (Anne & Chris Fredericks)
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) level 2 (Anne & Chris Fredericks)
  • Fascial Stretch Specialist (FST) level 3 (Anne & Chris Fredericks)
  • Certified Practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutirtion (FDN)
  • Certified Gluten Free Practitioner (Dr Tom O’Brien)
  • Viola Structural Joint Balancing 1.0 (Joel Crandall)
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition level 2
  • Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1
  • BioSignature Level 1 Practitioner (Charles Poliquin)
  • BioSignature Lvel 2 – Lab analysis – (Dr Mark Scahuss)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner
  • NABBA – advanced personal trainer
  • Football Association – football coaching license
  • Lawn Tennis Association – tennis coaching license
Book My Free Strategy Session

Strategy Session Questionnaire

  • 1 being not at all, 10 being maximum


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