Concussion Recovery

Are you still struggling with concussion symptoms?

Most concussion symptoms resolve within a few weeks of the accident. But for some unlucky people they can continue for months and even years.

One of the big difficulties is that multiple systems are normally affected. And the way the medical system is set up, you end up seeing a different practitioner for each symptom.

This can make identifying the underlying dysfunctions very difficult.

Which is one reason why is why people often can end up chasing symptoms for years.

At Smarter Training, we use a truly holistic approach to dealing with concussions.

We start with a comprehensive functional biomechanical and neurological based assessment  along with a detailed history to work out a starting point for your recovery program.

The assessment includes:

  • Blood pressure, heart rate and perfusion index
  • Breathing pattern and habit
  • Muscle strength testing
  • Sensation testing
  • Vision skills testing
  • Balance system testing
  • Movement Coordination
  • GAIT analysis

Based on the assessment we create target exercises for you to work on to restore dysfunctional area.

In addition to the neurological side of things, there is research showing that when people receive head trauma it affects the digestive system and the type of bacteria people have..

This can increase inflammation, which can be another cause of long term symptoms. So in some instances we might need to dig deeper and recommend functional lab tests.

We can then provide a nutritional and supplement recommendations to support your recovery.

We also believe that it is important to communicate and work alongside any other practitioners you are seeing.

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