Fall Prevention

Would like to reduce your risk of falling?

Falls are one of the leading causes of death in at any any. But obviously the risk increases as you age.

Risk of falling is generally looked at as a normal part of aging, but this isn’t entirely true.

Your risk of falling increases when your vestibular (inner ear), visual and proprioceptive (movement) systems start to deteriorate.

These three systems are like your body’s GPS system. They all need to be working together for you to have good balance and to move smoothly.

If any of these systems starts to break down, your risk goes up. And obviously if all three systems break down the risk increases further.

Fortunately all three systems can be trained at any age.

Training does two things. Firstly is prevents of slows down decline. And secondly if you already have issues with balance, it helps to restore it.

Obviously you can’t always make everything perfect, but we’ve had clients up to the age of 87 that have responded very well.

Based on a very safe but thorough assessment process we teach you simple exercises to correct areas of dysfunction.

We also give you access to our online members area that contains videos of all the exercises, so you can practice them safely at home.

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