Post Concussion Rehab Workshop

The Workshop is on Tuesday 10th of December @ 12:30 pm at Smarter Training Studio (1588 MacGowan Ave, North Vancouver). We'll be looking at what causes symptoms to linger and talking about specific ways you can rehabilitate from them.

Places are limited to 12 people, so reserve early to avoid disappointment.

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What you'll learn at the workshop:

  • What happens during a concussion that can lead to long lasting symptoms.
  • What a functional deficit and why scans often can't find the cause of symptoms.
  • What different areas of your brain do and how you can use this information to create a plan for rehabilitation
  • Simple assessments for specific brain areas to start to make a plan for recovery.
  • What neural plasticity is and what it means for training and recovery.

Plus Gain Incredible Insights Into What Area's Of Your Brain Might Be Affected

We're also going to be reviewing what the different areas of the brain do. And then going through a neuro based history.

Because specific areas in the brain have specific roles, the information gathered in the neuro history, will give you incredible insights into what you might need to do to get rid of your remaining symptoms.

This isn't the sort of thing you can find online. The neuro based history questionnaire is the result of thousands of hours of research by on of the worlds leading educators of brain based training.

Listen What Some Of Our Previous
Workshop Attendees Have To Say


I got a concussion after being hit by a field hockey ball in my eye. In addition to the fractured orbital bone, I was left with lots of lingering symptoms that really affected my quality of life. I really struggled with energy, especially if I exerted my self and I became very anxious. I also found that I was sensitive to light and crowded spaces. Since working with Richard at Smarter Training, I’ve got my energy back and am able to play sport without being riddles with anxiety for days after.

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Presented by Richard Brice

Richard is a Personal Trainer Kinesiologist who specializes in neuro based training and rehabilitation. Richard initially learnt about applied neurology to help address his own health problems, which stem from multiple head injuries playing soccer and mountain biking. As well as rehabilitating himself, he has helped numerous other people to rehab from head injuries.

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