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Len, North Vancouver

I initially went to see Richardo for a shoulder problem. I was unable to lift my left shoulder above my head and it was extremely painful. I had to stop skiing and doing a lot of the things I enjoy because the pain was so bad. And I was told that I would need an operation. I am happy to say that after working with Richard my shoulder is working perfectly. I am pain free and able to ski again. What’s more amazing is that the plantar fasciitis I had for several years has also gone. I have had to wear inserts in my shoes for over a decade. This has really restricted the type of shoes that I could wear. Now I no longer need the inserts and can shop for shoes without any worry.

Meredith, Vancouver

I went to Smarter Training because I wanted to be able to run again. I hadn't run for 4 years because my groin, hip and back pain were so bad. After 5 weeks of working with Richard I was running again. My running partners were amazed! I can't believe that such simple exercises worked so well.

Nancy, North Vancouver

I suffered with hip and back pain for years. It got to the point where I wasn't able to run anymore. I tried lots of different treatments but none of them stuck. I'd get a little bit of relief, but nothing that lasted long enough to let me run again. After working with Richard at Smarter Training for a few weeks, my pain was gone. And after 6 weeks, I was back running again. I am now training for my first 10k run in 7 years!

Rob,  Vancouver

Before I went to Smarter Training my back pain was ruining my life. I'd had back pain for over 40 years, but it kept getting worse. I was at the point where I couldn't sit, so I sold my car and was travelling by public transport. I had tried every different type of treatment you can think of to get better, but nothing worked. My friend recommended Smarter Training to me, so I thought I would give it a try. After working with Richard for 12 weeks, not only could I drive again, I was able to start playing tennis! I've been working with him now for a year and this summer I was able to waterski without any problems. I had to put in the work, but it has been more than worth it.

Tanya, Whiterock

I came to see Richard because I wanted to do the sun run, but was struggling with pain in my hips. After 4 weeks of training my pain had gone and I had lost over 12lbs. I was able to complete the sun run at 1h31min and had NO PAIN!!! There's no way I would have been able to do that before. Thank you!!

Lynne, North Vancouver

I was rear ended in September 2015 and it left me with terrible neck and back pain. It was so bad that I was unable to exercise or go hiking. After the accident I was going to see a chiropractor twice per week and having massage once per week, but despite that I was still in constant pain. When Smarter Stretch Studio opened up (now Smarter Training) I decided to give them a try because I had nothing else to lose. The approach was very different. They showed me how do to do exercises to move my joints and for my eyes. To my surprise, within 2 weeks the pain was drastically reduced. Within a month I was back to walking and doing yoga again. Now I have a set of tools that I can use to get myself out of pain.

Sean, North Vancouver

I have had lower back and hip pain for the last 6 years since I injured it. In that time I had tried chiro, massage and physio, but they didn’t make a lasting difference.  It was at the point where it was really affecting my quality of life and really interfering with my work, so I decided to go to one of the free workshops. What they said about the brain made total sense to me so I decided to sign up. After a few weeks of doing the drills my back pain was gone. I have also found the eating plan to be big part of it. When I eat properly, my body feels better

Kim, West Vancouver

I injured my left wrist lifting weights in the gym. For about a year and a half I pursued various treatment and diagnostic routes.  First I tried physiotherapy which did very little good. At the same time I was lining up for X-rays, a nuclear isotope X-ray, and eventually paid for a private MRI to speed the process along. After about a year and a half I had exploratory surgery that showed extensive cartilage damage/shredding. I was advised by my surgeon that I had two choices, live with the pain or opt for a total wrist fusion. At the outset, a certain level of pain was constant, converting to a stabbing pain when I tried to do what used to be routine tasks. Easy activities such as using stapler or turning on a tight faucet became difficult and painful. I have been coming to Richard Brice for over a year. I started with mobility exercises and some of the neural training exercises. I continue with those exercises as well as some specialized stretches that put more strain on the wrist. Today I am very happy that I didn’t opt for the wrist fuse. While I still have limited mobility in my left wrist, the pain is much diminished - it is no longer constant, and, while present, is much more manageable during physical activity. I can workout with weights again as gripping and lifting no longer causes too much wrist pain.

Darcie, North Vancouver

I came to see Richard because pain was impacting my active lifestyle. I have had pain for years. For the last 8 years I have been struggling with pain and injuries. It has been reducing my fitness and my activities and it caused me to stop my passion of running, significantly. I've done a lot of massage therapy, some physio and just some at-home stretching and rolling. Since working with Richard I’ve had huge results. For me I went from running on the trails and getting numb feet within 10min and I have now worked up to run pain free for over an hour. I became stronger on my bike without training harder and I could just generally move better, like stepping up on a high stool to reach into a high cupboard was easy.

Laura, North Vancouver

I'd struggled with back pain for over 20 years. Every now and then it would go out for no reason. Sometimes it what when I was running, other times it was when I was bending down to pick things up. After having children it got worse and would go out more often. After working with Richard, my back feels great. I can run without worrying and pick my children up without pain.

Travis, Vancouver

I originally injured my back while moving a piano. After the injury it hurt when I bent forwards. I'd had lots of chiro on it, but it didn't really help. The first session I had with Richard, he showed me some mobilizations for my spine that solved the problem!

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