Focus & Concentration

Would you or your child like to have better focus and concentration?

The good news is that everyone can improve their concentration with training.

There are specific brain areas responsible for someones ability to stay on task. When these areas  are functioning well, focus is good.

When these brain areas aren't functioning well, then focus is poor.

Luckily because each part of the brain has multiple functions, there are often a variety of ways to train these areas.

And with training, the brain adapts, leading to better focus and concentration.

For most people this is all you need to do, but for some people there might be other issues that are preventing them from concentrating.

Lack of specific vision skills can often be a limiting factor when it comes to concentration.

This is something that affects a lot of children, making it hard for them to concentrate at school.

But it can also affect adults too.

If you or your child get tired from reading of being on the computer, this is an indication that vision might be an issue.

Obviously it's a good idea to get checked out by an eye doctor to make sure you don't need glasses (or you have the right prescription).

But this only addresses one aspect of vision, there are lots of other visual skills needed to read and concentrate propperly.

All these vision skills can be trained and improved with the right exercises.

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