Richard Brice Kinesiologist

Richard Brice is a Kinesiologist that uses a neurocentric approach to help people overcome pain and other health issues.

Living pain or other chronic health issues, can severely reduce quality of life, which is why it's important to work with someone who's experienced in helping people with similar issues.

Richard Brice has been personal training for 17 years and converted his English education to become a Kinesiologist in British Columbia Last year.

Richard has helped hundreds of people to overcome chronic issues with pain. Many of who had struggled to respond to other types of treatment.

What makes the approach that Richard Brice uses is that he looks at the body from a Neurological perspective. Which gives infinitely more options for helping people to get out of pain.

For example a typical kinesiologist or personal trainer might do a series of assessments looking at strength and range of motion. Then based on this information they might recommend stretching or strength exercises to "correct the problem".

Sometimes this can be helpful, but often this fails to answer the question of why the muscle became tight or weak in the first place.

This the except question that Richard Brice asks.

In addition to looking at muscles etc. Richard looks at the neural structures that influence that part of the body.

Some of the questions that need to be asked when looking at a specific problem are:

What part of the brain creates the movement plan for a specific movement and is this part of the brain doing it's job effectively?

What part of the brain coordinated the movement and is it working effectively?

Is there a problem with the accuracy of the movement, or it the problem related to the timing / rhythm.

Is the spinal cord able to carry information from the brain to the peripheral nerve?

Is there an issue with the peripheral nerve(s).

Looking at the body in this way, enables Richard Brice to create a personal training program for you to work on to help you reduce pain or other symptoms.

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