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Hi, my name is Richard Brice. I'm a personal trainer and kinesiologist. The way I work with people is a little bit different, because I use a neurological approach to training.

Life is full of stress, so it's important to make sure the type of training you're doing is building you up, not beating you down.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't work hard. On the contrary, working harding is important for every result. But you do need to work smart.

Each session starts with a mini neuro assessment to find and establish your state of readiness along with a baseline.

Based on this assessment, we then choose the precise exercises and level of intensity that will give you maximum results that day.

This is really important, because if you choose the wrong exercise or the wrong level of intensity, not only do you get sub-optimal results, you can actually slow your progress down!

Your body has to deal with multiple types of stress. Things like how well you slept, what deadlines you have and family issues all have an effect on your body.

If your body is stressed out and you push too hard with training, it can lead to burn out and injuries.

This is why so many people get hurt when they are training for a specific goal like running a marathon or trying to lose weight.

Unless you are assessing your state of readiness before you train, you can literally be doing more harm than good.

By monitoring how stressed out your body is with biofeedback and neuro-feedback, we can minimize your risks and maximize your results.

We don’t guess when it comes to your health, we like to make sure you are achieving your goals and feeling awesome at the same time.

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