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Neuro Athletic Training is based Dr Eric Cobb's neurological athlete development model. It is already being used by teams in the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, EPL & Bundesliga. As well as Olympians in multiple disciplines and combat sport athletes like UFC fighters. Isn't it time you started to use it too?

Neuro Athletic Training For Elite Athletes

If you are an elite athlete or trying to be one, you need to do everything you can to improve performance.

Eventually running more miles and more lifting sessions passes the point of diminishing returns. And instead of improving performance it leads to over training and injuries.

So how do you gain an advantage over your competition when regular training is maxed out?

This is where Neuro Athletic Training can change the game.

By looking at your body through a neurological lens it opens up a world of possibilities.

Vision training improves your reaction time, decision making, focus (especially when fatigued) and makes you less susceptible to injuries.

Vestibular training can give you even better balance, make you stronger and faster than regular training alone.

Respiration training can increase your endurance and recovery beyond what can be achieved with training alone.

And this is just the start...

We have a whole tool box of ways to help you shave milliseconds and millimeters, which are the differences between winning and losing at the highest level.

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Neuro Athletic Training For Developing Athletes

You don't have to be an elite athlete to benefit from Neuro Athletic Training. If you are an intermediate player that wants to get better at your sport, Neuro Athletic Training is the fastest way to do it.

When people start playing a sport, they normally make improvements pretty quickly.

Then at some point the improvements start to plateau. This is normally the point where people start to increase the amount of practice in the hopes that it will help them improve.

Only most of the time, it doesn’t! Most of the time, it leads to frustration and often to injuries.

This is because at a certain point the thing that is prevent you from getting better is that your athletic capabilities; Speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination etc.

The only way to improve your game at this point is to upgrade your body and become a better athlete.

For some people this means becoming stronger or more flexible. For others it might mean improving vision or hand to eye co-ordination.

With our brain based training system we can help you with every aspect of your athletic upgrade, so you can get better at what you love.

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