Brain Training

Do you want to optimize your health?

Your brain controls everything in your body and is the corner stone of your health!

Declining brain function is an underlying cause of everything including, fatigue, pain, hearing loss, vision problems, anxiety, depression, brain fog,  memory problems and a heck of a lot more.

Brain training can be used to help all of these issues. But you don't have to have problems to benefit from it.

Training your brain is the best form of health optimization we know. You can use it for things like improving your vision, hearing smell, balance and obviously to supercharge your performance at work or in sport.

Because nerves travel in hundredths of seconds, results can be almost instantaneous. But it's not magic, it's applied neuroscience.

The other great thing is that it gives a better return on time investment than any other training method we've found over the last 20 years.

You can achieve incredible results in 10-15 minutes each day!

We initially learnt most of what we know about the brain from Dr Eric Cobb. And we use his Z Health system to help you optimize your health.

We start with a comprehensive functional brain assessment.

Based on the assessment we create target exercises for you to work on to restore dysfunctional areas.

Or if there is no dysfunction to address, we create exercises to help you optimize what ever it is you want to optimize. (Most of us have dysfunctions though 🙂 )

Then we send you away with access to our amazing library of exercises so that you can be sure you are practicing things properly.

You come back every 2-3 weeks to get new drills to keep your body progressing.

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