Sports Vision

Do you want to get better at your sport?

Sports vision training is one of the best kept secrets of some of the best athletes in the world.

If you play a sport like tennis, golf, baseball, hockey, soccer, squash, badminton, rugby, football, lacrosse or basketball - sports vision training is the fastest (and sometimes the only) way to improve your game!

You might have been to the eye doctor and been told that you have 20/20 vision. But the truth is that 20/20 is average.

A good hitter in baseball or an elite tennis player will have 20/10 vision. Which means they will see from 20 feet, what you can see from 10 feet!

Also this is only one type of visual skill...

There are actually 18 visual skills that are essential for optimal performance.

We can assess these skills to identify areas that you are weak in and show you how to correct them.

If you keep hitting the ball late, it is likely that your eyes are the problem.

If you keep slicing the ball off the tee, it is likely that your eyes are the problem.

But it isn't just ball sports that benefit from vision training. All sports can benefit.

As strange as it sounds, good vision is essential for preventing injuries as well.

It's also really important for sports like skiing. Having good contrast sensitivity is what allows you to see in flat light. So if you get tired on overcast days, it's a sign that your visual system needs a tune up.

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